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Host Status (24h) drops bad t.out l.ch Response Time(history) TLS lifetime
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TODO. See the Statistics-Server in the meantime.


This Server monitors the HTTPS-Servers and SMTP-Servers of a few selected domains. The Checks are Website-Reachability (every 30 seconds, HTTPS-only), TLS-Certificate-Validity (every 30 minutes). These requests are performed by and logged into a netdata instance (see "Statistics-Server" at the top).
TLS-Certificate information is only visible in the Details/History-Tab and the Statistics-Server!
This site displays the most important information badges and graphes in a easily readable dashboard. The dashboard is designed to be able to be put onto a Display with a 1920x1080px Resolution.

Badges are refreshed every 30 seconds. (Each about 1.5KiB transfer size)
Graphs refreshes are scheduled by the Netdata-Instance. That means they are refreshed based on the zoom-level they are configured to (aka: the 24h graph refreshes more often than the 365d graph).

To request additional domain to be monitored, please contect us on our discord: https://uedo.eu/!/dc. We need the full domainname and potentially the path of the page. (e.g. "uedo.eu" or "uedo.eu/index.php?p=uniligareg")